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Know thyself

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Be the change you wish to see in the world

Click on the Articles button below for resources that facilitate personal growth. 

A maple leaf, an everyday sighting for many Canadians, the maple is also a symbol of balance and abundance.
Home: Gallery


Let the beauty of what you love be what you do

We employ creativity native to all persons in all our services: individual and group work, workshops, retreats and classes. To learn about the symbolism of the images you see on this website, or to purchase prints, visit the gallery below. 

What is this curious word, Alêthês?

This words is - of all languages - in Greek. With a little research, we can discover its meaning easily. The meaning of the word is loving truth, truth, being truthful. We believe that knowing who we really are, that is, the truth about ourselves, reveals goodness and beauty, not just for ourselves but for others, as well.

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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is explicit about a person's spiritual journey. It builds intentional simplicity, allowing God to communicate life through words, silence, sounds and image.

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Inclusive Coaching

Our practice of  coaching takes the long view of the person and allows for time and reflection in the process of building goals and working towards accomplishing them.

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We invite you to view a gallery of images that express important parts of the creativity we believe is necessary for personal growth and an exploration of one's spirituality.

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